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Hi All,

The idea for this website came to me in the midst of an awakening experience. The morning after I attended a healing workshop in Manhattan, I woke up…and then I WOKE UP! Without getting too deep into it right now, it was an enlightening 10 days. I have always been a seeker and sometimes when you seek, you receive.

By clicking around, you can get a pretty good idea of what I have planned for the site. The topics I’m going to cover are addiction, psychology, wellness, nutrition, yoga, healing, consciousness, spirituality, metaphysics and transformation—just to name a few! I’m constantly searching the web and figured that instead of filling my inbox with stories to read and share, why not start my own collection here. I’ll also be contributing my thoughts and artwork and hope to have others do so as well. I find these topics fascinating and aspire to build a community of like-minded people who, like me, are always seeking more.



Paul Bonifacic

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